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The change rate of crude oil in the three places is now negative, and the domestic oil price has fallen.

recently, the international oil price has dropped in shock, driving the change rate of crude oil in the three places all the way down to negative. The hope of domestic gasoline and diesel oil price reduction has aggravated the wait-and-see mentality of the market. Under the lack of demand, most domestic gasoline and diesel oil prices have been reduced one after another. At present, the effect of price reduction and promotion is not obvious. Industry insiders predict that the weak demand trend will continue in the future. New companies after the independence of gasoline and diesel prices will be given greater freedom and will continue to fall

as of the closing on the 16th, the structure of the New York Mercantile Exchange was complex. The price of light crude oil futures in May closed at $102.93/barrel, and the price of Brent crude oil futures in May on the London ice exchange closed at $121.77/barrel, down 2% from March 20 Seven dollars and two Three dollars. Asian benchmark Dubai crude oil spot market also followed the decline of western crude oil futures. Dubai crude oil delivered in March closed at US $116.15 per barrel, down US $2.15 from the previous trading day

it is learned from several social monitoring institutions that the crude oil change rate of the three places has entered a negative value driven by the decline of international oil prices. According to the data of Zhongyu information, as of the 16th, the crude oil change rate of the three places reached -0.24%, down 0.26% from the previous day. The change rate of crude oil in the three places monitored by the e-commerce platform of bulk products Jinyin island has also reached -0.47%, and the test data of Xiwang energy has long broken zero, reaching -0.86%

"the overall weak economic environment this year has made the terminal demand performance sluggish, and the seasonal demand for agricultural oil has not been fully started due to the impact of high oil prices. In addition, as the change rate of crude oil in the three places has become negative, the market believes that the oil price may fall in the later period. Under this bearish judgment, the wait-and-see mentality is strong, which has emphasized the decline in demand." Jinyin Island analyst Zhang Qian told the economic information daily

in the case of oversupply, most domestic gasoline and diesel sales are under pressure and can be easily purchased locally. According to Xiwang energy's tracking of the retail market and its technical closure of China, the daily sales volume of gasoline in gas stations after the price adjustment generally fell by about 10% compared with that before the price adjustment. In order to grab customers, many gas stations have launched price reduction promotions. Sang Xiao, an analyst at Zhongyu information, said that due to the regional impact of various regions, the prices of gasoline and diesel differ greatly, but overall, the cumulative decline is large. The transaction prices of many social units have dropped to the price before the price adjustment, and the two groups have a large margin of preference. Many prices have been reduced from retail to wholesale, and even can be given a discount

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