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Chairman of PPG was appointed chairman of the American paint Association and delivered a keynote speech. Chairman of PPG was appointed chairman of the American paint Association and delivered a keynote speech. On May 15, 2020, Michael McGarry, chairman and CEO of PPG, was recently appointed chairman of the board of directors of the American paint Association (ACA). He made his first video speech at the association's technical conference "AC virtual"

the theme of the video speech is: why the paint industry is more important than ever during the COVID-19

the full text of the speech is as follows:

Hello, everyone! I'm Michael McGarry. I am honored to be elected chairman of the board of directors of the American paint Association (ACA)

in addition, I am also very pleased to welcome you to this unique American coating virtual online technology conference

you can fully understand the exciting latest research results from technical experts in the coating industry through this station. Thank you for your participation

first of all, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express my sincere respect and thanks to Andy Doyle for his excellent leadership. At the same time, I would also like to extend my most sincere thanks to all members of the American paint association! Under the leadership of Andy, the whole association has made continuous efforts to support and advocate our coating industry, especially in this challenging and difficult period

today, we are facing unprecedented crisis and pressure. In this special period, I sincerely hope that you and your family can be safe and healthy. There is no doubt that the novel coronavirus epidemic has had a great impact on our lives in all aspects

like all of you, I am looking forward to returning to the old days. At that time, we will be able to meet again with friends and family, continue to hold offline meetings, arrange business trips and customer interviews, etc

since the outbreak of the epidemic, our primary core goal has been to ensure the safety of employees and support customers' business needs

for the coating industry, we are ready to provide multiple safety and health protection. Now, the active prevention and control measures we have taken have been effective

we promote mature and reliable safety operation norms, including using effective personal protective equipment, strictly maintaining social distance and advocating healthy behavior

our industry and the paints, coatings and special materials we supply play a key role in many important markets. We are extremely proud of this

we are committed to developing various products related to health and life safety, which are widely used in medical, national defense, food and beverage, health care, agriculture, information technology systems and other fields

today, more than ever, people trust the high-quality products and excellent services provided by our industry

therefore, it is of great significance for stakeholders to fully understand the important role of our industry in this crisis. Our employees, products and services are "fighting" in the global anti epidemic front line. Many core components of life-saving equipment such as ventilator and vital sign monitor need to be coated to form a surface protective layer and ensure the normal and reliable operation of the equipment

packaging coatings are widely used in household food and beverage packaging, as well as aerosol can cleaning products commonly used in workplace disinfection. In addition, as more people take the form of telecommuting and students continue to take classes at home, there is a high demand for paint products dedicated to computers and mobile devices

our industry plays a vital role in the development of the national economy and is also the foundation for the sustainable operation of many other market areas

this is why the U.S. Department of homeland security has included paints and coatings in the "critical infrastructure and manufacturing" industry. Many governments agree with this classification. Every day we are using actions to prove that our industry is indispensable

for governments with different views, the active publicity of American paint Association and the unremitting efforts of each and every one of us are more important

I know very well that Andy and his team are going all out for the development of the industry every day, laying a solid foundation for us to continue this work

the entire American coating industry has more than 295000 employees, covering production, warehousing, logistics, retail and after-sales service

this $29billion industry has a strong industrial chain composed of upstream suppliers and downstream customers in multiple markets

today, during the novel coronavirus epidemic, the industry is facing unprecedented challenges

from the perspective of the coating industry - we can personally feel the seriousness of the problem. The rapid development of the epidemic has brought serious challenges to the economic development of countries around the world. Almost all industries and customers we serve have suffered a great impact

every day in the past, we have witnessed partial or full shutdown of customers' production bases, closure of retail physical stores, upgrading of government control and sharp decline in global consumer demand

the sudden outbreak has had a direct impact on the development of our industry and many of our businesses. In addition, core customers in core markets such as automobile, aviation, construction and industry also continue to experience great tests

in the current situation, it is more necessary than ever for us to show the value of our industry, because our customers have been paying close attention to our every move. Therefore, in this special period when customers need us most, I hope everyone can provide them with more support

in this difficult time, we must continue to fulfill our commitments to the community. During the outbreak of novel coronavirus, our major communities around the world are facing great challenges

extending a helping hand to the neighbors in need to help them meet their food, accommodation and other basic living needs is what we need to do most urgently in this period

I am very pleased to see that our industry has been committed to taking a variety of measures to help people in need and fight against the virus epidemic

these measures include providing masks and other personal protective equipment for medical industry and first-line rescue personnel; Produce hand sanitizers for hospitals; Provide antibacterial coatings for medical institutions; Provide food for needy families, etc

I am very proud of our industry's commitment. Even in this challenging period of (10) clicking on the main page of the computer screen, we should not help us to develop a high-performance USB type-C connector within a very short time 13. The distance between twists and turns: 450mm, because this is a right thing worth doing

looking into the future, I believe that since the current epidemic has reached its peak in many countries and regions around the world, we have experienced the most difficult period. We will also begin to get back on track together

the good news is that with the resumption of economic activities in some countries and regions around the world, our customers in many industries are preparing work plans to resume production

however, it is not yet a full-scale return to work. As many enterprises need to carry out phased recovery according to the specific guidelines of the government and the dynamics of the novel coronavirus epidemic, this process will be much slower than we expected

at present, the epidemic is still continuing. Our coating industry should remain proactive and continue to provide all-round support to our employees, customers and communities

I firmly believe that our industry will have a deep understanding of "what to do and how to do". Evonik has verified the true meaning of the concept of mixed polymer in the process of producing composite materials, which saves time and cost - even if it has never been done before

thank you! I wish you all peace

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