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Change and persistence of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

change and persistence of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd.

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although the identity and name have changed, Wang Jinfu, general manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Chery heavy industry) and his team clearly know that the direction of their career has not changed

although time changes and things change, it has always been the goal of the team and the enterprise to deeply cultivate the agricultural machinery market, help the grain harvest, cultivate the enterprise into a world-class agricultural equipment brand with global competitiveness, and rank among the top five in the world

becoming stronger and bigger

since its establishment, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery has never lacked attention. The industry also praised it as the most powerful enterprise, and the mold should be heated; But it is clear that these goals are far from being achieved

it has been three or four years since its establishment and ranked among the top ten in the industry, with an output value of nearly 4billion yuan in 2013. This speed is unprecedented in the agricultural machinery industry, but it is not enough. It is reported that the output value of John Deere alone is enough to cover the total of the top ten in the domestic agricultural machinery industry

therefore, Zoomlion is the only choice for Zoomlion to become one of the top five in the world

however, the reality is that the middle and high-end agricultural machinery market in China is dominated by foreign brands. With the acquisition of Jinyi by krass of Germany last year, the world's top agricultural machinery giants have all taken root in China. The five major European and American agricultural machinery enterprises (johndier, New Holland, AGCO, deutzfar and krass) and the three major Japanese agricultural machinery enterprises (Kubota, Yangma and Jingguan) have all established factories in China

is both a difficult situation and an opportunity

first of all, agricultural machinery has a large enough market capacity in China. In 2012, the total output value of China's agricultural machinery industry above Designated Size reached 332.8 billion yuan, becoming the world's largest agricultural machinery manufacturing country. In 2013, the growth rate of China's agricultural machinery still exceeded 15%, which is rare in the machinery industry, which is enough to show that this is still a booming market, and the industry also believes that the next decade will still be a golden decade

secondly, although there are some agricultural machinery enterprises in China, such as Foton Lovol heavy industry, Yituo and Wuzheng, on the whole, the industry concentration is still insufficient, which is the main reason why the output value of johndier family can cover the top ten agricultural machinery enterprises in China

secondly, after ten years of development in the agricultural machinery industry, users' acceptance of high-quality agricultural machinery has increased very rapidly, that is, the market has basically matured. As long as the products are competitive, they can be quickly accepted and absorbed by the market

finally, it is considered that the market share of some varieties in the agricultural machinery industry can also be rapidly increased through volume production, such as tractors and harvesters. This feature is similar to that of engineering machinery, but different from that of small batch and multiple varieties such as machine tools

Zoomlion has strong data big value, small value, average value, net energy, turn back energy, total energy, tortuous modulus, breakpoint displacement x% load, breakpoint load x% displacement, etc. zhanchunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, recently visited the international agricultural machinery exhibition held in Wuhan and attended the new brand and product launch of Zoomlion. In his opinion, a series of reform policies represented by the land transfer policy will release a broad market space for the development of agricultural machinery industry. Zoomlion's agricultural machinery sector will have a long-term stable and large-scale market space

as for the starting point, at the previous M & a meeting, Zhan Chunxin publicly said that on the one hand, he would actively seize the medium and high-end market through his own technological innovation and product upgrading. On the other hand, he would also look for appropriate opportunities and partners to actively carry out overseas M & a, integrate overseas technology and market resources, and become a world-class agricultural machinery enterprise

perhaps the experience of fighting in the construction machinery industry makes Zoomlion's style more sharp. From the strategic idea of entering the field of agricultural machinery first put forward in 2008, to the establishment of the agricultural machinery business department in early 2013, the establishment of the Agricultural Machinery Research Institute in Chicago, the United States, the establishment of Chongqing Bishan to build a 10 billion agricultural industrial park at the end of the year, and then to the establishment of Zoomlion, Zoomlion's actions in the agricultural machinery market are clear and powerful

same platform competition

as mentioned above, the world agricultural machinery giants have settled in China one after another. Therefore, in this sense, the domestic market is the international market

however, this is not only faced by the agricultural machinery industry. China's engineering machinery, machine tools and other fully market-oriented industries have long been in this situation. The "wolf" has already entered. How to compete on the same stage can only be based on their own abilities

although there are many ways to compete, cost-effective products are the trump card to win. This is the internal reason why Kubota's sales have not been greatly impacted when some of Kubota's products were cancelled subsidies in 2014. But if this happens to domestic enterprises, the results will be quite different

backward technology is the pain of most sub industries of the machinery industry. Industry insiders once said that after China's accession to the WTO for more than ten years, many independent brand manufacturing enterprises have only a decade or two of development history in the real sense, but they have to compete with enterprises from developed countries with a century of development history. Due to historical reasons, most of China's machinery enterprises used to focus on scale expansion, and made few achievements in some fields with high added value and high technology content. Because they can't do it themselves, they have to import from foreign countries at high prices

at the same time, although the domestic key parts industry has also developed rapidly in recent years, many host enterprises are willing to rely on imported parts to improve product competitiveness and attract users by cost performance

although this shortcut approach has captured the market demand in a short time, making the industry and enterprises develop rapidly, it is more like a kind of puffiness, which will also have sequelae on the development of the industry. The most obvious thing is that the enterprise is lack of innovation power, and the development of supporting industries can not catch up with the host demand

chenyongjun, deputy general manager of Zoomlion Heavy machinery, said that China has only completed the popularization of agricultural machinery so far, but the follow-up development is structural adjustment, technological upgrading, and solving the problems of energy conservation, environmental protection and agricultural sustainability. The real high-end technology can not be bought with money. Especially with the enhancement of China's manufacturing capacity, foreign countries are becoming more and more wary of us, This forces us to pay more attention to the improvement of independent innovation ability

he said that although the slogan of innovation has been shouted for many years, many enterprises are still following suit, and the homogenization of the industry is still intensifying. Under the current situation, enterprises face two major problems in Innovation: one is that innovation requires large investment, and the other is that the results of innovation can be easily copied

"Enterprise innovation, especially the innovation of key core technologies, requires a lot of human and financial resources, and may not produce results in the short term. Now the industry competition is very fierce, and many enterprises are basically trying to increase their sales and market share, so it is difficult to settle down to engage in technological innovation. Moreover, at present, our country still needs to constantly improve the legislation on intellectual property protection. Today you launch a new product, and tomorrow the market A similar replica may appear on the field. This has to a large extent hit the enthusiasm of enterprises for innovation. "

of course, relying on one's own strength to carry out independent innovation does not mean making a car behind closed doors. Integrating global resources and making use of all possible global leading products, technologies, management and human resources is the best way for Chinese machinery enterprises to accelerate transformation and upgrading and achieve leapfrog development


Zhan Chunxin once said, "Restructuring and M & A can inject the advantages accumulated by Zoomlion in engineering machinery into agricultural machinery, and inject the advantages of capital operation into agricultural machinery, which will enlarge the original advantages. At the same time, we will fully trust and authorize the team of Zoomlion to accelerate the improvement of technology, market, management and capital capabilities through joint, cooperation and development model innovation, so as to achieve the improvement of market competitiveness and internationalization."

at the launching ceremony of the new brand, Zoomlion North America R & D team made its debut at the press conference. It is understood that the predecessor of the North American R & D team is Zoomlion American Agricultural Machinery Research Institute, which was established in 2013. It aims to design and develop agricultural machinery products with internationally leading technical level according to the development trend of the future agricultural market

in the subsequent new product introduction, the enterprise also launched six new agricultural machinery: tb70 wheat harvester, pl40 crawler full feed combine harvester, as60 sugarcane harvester, sg80 riding high-speed rice transplanter, rn1004 power shift, lz702 crawler tractor

davidblomberg, chief engineer of the North American R & D center, said that some of the new products launched this time have truly integrated European and American technical elements and innovative ideas in product R & D and manufacturing

with regard to the future planning of Zoomlion Heavy machinery, wangjinfu said that the company would be a service provider of overall solutions for agricultural production mechanization through integration, upgrading and globalization. The first is product upgrade. At present, China's agricultural machinery products mainly occupy the low-end market. The company will step into the medium and high-end industrial chain through comprehensive upgrading of products, technology, quality and performance. In the future, the proportion of medium and high-end products will exceed that of low-end products

followed by network upgrade. The product in the hands of users is only the beginning of service. Therefore, we should create a high-end network service system while ensuring good products

next is management upgrade. In the future, enterprises must rely on system support, and the internal management must have major changes

in terms of specific product solutions, Zoomlion will closely follow the actual needs of domestic agriculture, grasp the effective combination of agricultural machinery and Agronomy in research and development, and provide tailored and effective solutions for Chinese agriculture. In the international market, the company will also accelerate the promotion and provide more targeted solutions for overseas target markets

it is understood that in the future, Zoomlion's business will all focus on agricultural machinery, and the original excavator and forklift businesses will be stripped off for integration. However, Zoomlion's domestic and foreign contacts and other business services will also bring synergy benefits to the development of Zoomlion and help it accelerate its development

times make heroes. We have reason to believe that one or two international agricultural machinery enterprises will emerge in China, making agricultural production more accurate, comfortable and intelligent

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