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Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. made a relay to call

for the 2018 Kuosheng dealer conference. After a year, I look back on the Kuosheng national dealer conference held in Shanghai in 2017. The warm atmosphere of the scene and the clanking vows of the dealers seemed to be still fresh in my mind. After a year of hard work, now, the upcoming 2018 Kuosheng dealer conference is bound to be more exciting

(2017 Kuosheng national dealer Conference)

it is reported that all dealers have quietly planned the 2018 dealer annual conference. According to relevant information, the number of participating dealers will increase this year, and a number of agents with good results will receive awards and special support from the headquarters. This Meizu can be said to have inherited the good traditions of Nokia and apple. Previously, a famous Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. said that it would not hesitate to call the 2018 Kuosheng dealer annual meeting to help share exchanges and win-win cooperation. This Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. is one of the dealers of Kuosheng in Shanghai

according to Tianyan survey, Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 2016 with a registered capital of 2million. Mainly engaged in building decoration, hardware and electricity, technology development, etc. As a wholly-owned natural person enterprise, it is one of the small and powerful distributors of Kuosheng PPR pipeline system in China

after being introduced by a specially assigned person, I have the honor to interview the market leader of Hexin Co., Ltd. When asked why he chose to act as the agent of Kuosheng, the person in charge replied: our company originally took the R & D, production and sales of products such as architectural decoration, building materials and hardware as the development route of the company. Applying for distribution of Kuosheng pipeline, on the one hand, comes from Kuosheng's strength, on the other hand, it is in line with our product and market positioning strategy

(Kuosheng signed a contract with urban construction decoration)

subsequently, he also expressed his views on the upcoming dealer annual meeting: through several years of hard work, Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. has explored a unique path. Whether it is Kuosheng product promotion, in-service and after-sales, Hexin has achieved unique results and strength. However, He Xin still dared not relax and had to pursue the victory. It is hoped that through this annual meeting, we can communicate with industry leaders and learn from each other. This is the main focus of Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. and the reason for its strong support

it is reported that the performance of all products depends on the operation of computer servo system, and the sellers are vigorously promoting Kuosheng 2022 strategy. As the headquarters of Kuosheng, 2022 strategy aims to complete its own brand transformation, optimization and upgrading. This process cannot be separated from the cooperative efforts of many dealers to jointly solve the problems that consumers do not know, are not satisfied with products, are not satisfied with services and other parties. This experiment is carried out on the tensile testing machine

Shanghai Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd. has long had a layout. Through the data analysis of existing and potential customers, the company has mastered the more detailed customer analysis data of pipeline 2 and high melting temperature system in several first tier cities in China. In addition, He Xin will also share and communicate with your colleagues at the upcoming annual meeting. The person in charge answered

when asked about the future vision of Hexin Industrial Co., Ltd., the person in charge expressed the idea of general manager Wang Junya: as one of the company's main businesses, Kuosheng pipeline system distribution will continue to forge ahead and start the domestic market; At the same time, combined with the corresponding ideas, research and develop the brand of the production company to continuously enhance its core competitiveness

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