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Reminder: the quality of packaging materials is very important

"although these packaging materials look the same, there are great differences inside!" Miss Cai from Shunxing materials business department told that packaging materials have high requirements for the quality of materials themselves

Miss Cai said that some people didn't understand when they were just doing business that could stabilize the air flow rate in the process of the experiment. They felt that the packaging materials were only things that were discarded after one use. They didn't buy them with confidence and peace of mind. In this way, they could achieve long-term cooperation with us. So there were always some people looking for "bargains". "Where will its use mode be changed and there are good goods?" She pointed to some plastic packaging tapes and told that if you sell goods with poor quality, it can be cheaper by more than half. But she believes that selling good quality goods is responsible for herself and consumers. Because it is not safe to use goods of poor quality. For example, plastic packaging tape is easy to break if its quality is not up to standard. If it is interrupted in the handling process, it is easy to damage the goods on the one hand, and it is also easy to injure the handling personnel on the other hand. At the same time, plastic belts with poor quality are easy to catch fire because of many impurities

secondly, it saves money by using good quality goods. Miss Cai told, "it's OK to use one foot for good goods, but it may take twoorthree feet for bad goods, which is very wasteful." She said that a boss of Heshan once bought her plastic tape to wrap goods. "He took my plastic tape and pulled it again and again. He tried it hard enough to buy it. At that time, he complained that the ones he bought before were useless." Miss Cai said that she saw too many people only look at the price at the beginning, and finally learned to look at the quality after suffering a loss. Therefore, it is necessary to remind consumers that quality is also important when buying packaging materials

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