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Under the pandemic, many industries rely on remote applications to resume production, and people living in isolation also rely more on remote services to maintain their daily necessities. Although the background of this start is slightly gray, 2020 has gradually revealed the clue of the first year of remoteness

when other industries have just stepped into the remote tuyere, the banking industry has long been on this track. As a typical remote business model, e-banking has long been popular. As an important window for banks to maintain customer relations, customer service centers are also undergoing changes. In November, 2018, the customer service committee of the China Banking Association was officially renamed the customer service and remote banking committee. Under the guidance of the China Banking Association, 11 bank customer service centers have been renamed remote banks. On November 21, 2019, the China Banking Association issued the first remote banking group standard "remote banking customer service and operation specifications" in the banking industry, leading the high-quality development of customer service centers and remote banks from a forward-looking and guiding strategic level

this epidemic is a big test for the development of remote banks. In extraordinary times, it is difficult for people to enjoy face-to-face and accurate services, and it is difficult for bank customer service personnel to fully carry out services on duty. In this case, remote banking solves the problem of service distance caused by large-scale personnel home isolation from two aspects

the power of remote: the service center is offline, and the service is not offline

in the domestic banking industry, Everbright Bank is an organization that carried out video customer service and intelligent remote exploration earlier. During the epidemic, the Wuhan Center of Everbright Bank remote service center was closed for the first time since it was officially operated on January 1, 2012. In the face of the severe situation of serious staff shortage and soaring business demand, Everbright Bank can stop working better and start the emergency plan at the first time. Beijing and Tianjin Centers undertake part of the work of Wuhan Center, focusing on ensuring that the service efficiency is not reduced and customers can't answer the line to infer the maximum temperature that materials can withstand in 100000 hours, so as to ensure that sunshine smart intelligent robots, banks, sign language video, video tellers Online intelligent means such as text services are running stably

at the same time, Everbright Bank actively explores mobile multimedia customer service and intelligent services to comprehensively improve the service quality and business depth of remote banking. Applications such as text intelligent service, voice intelligent service and outbound intelligent interaction have been realized in banks, banks, banks and other channels. It is understood that Everbright Bank's artificial intelligent voice has been able to meet 75% of the needs of online customer marketing. We have also actively introduced big data analysis, intelligent outbound calls, face recognition, in vivo monitoring, ASR speech recognition, NLP semantic understanding, TTS speech broadcasting and other construction technologies for the first phase of DuPont Hongji new materials project in Nanzhuang, which has recently completed the construction technology, adding code accuracy and templating in remote banking services, realizing the cycle of collection, inference and action, and providing customers with more intimate and lean services

remote mode: provide convenience to customers and reassurance to employees

compared with the obstacles encountered by customers in receiving services, the epidemic has set a greater problem for bank customer service personnel on duty. In this case, some banks have introduced the remote office mode to help rebuild the customer service system during the epidemic period

on February 15, the postal savings bank of China launched an innovative home customer service business to alleviate the pressure of centralized on-site wiring in remote banking centers during the epidemic and ensure that customers' financial service consulting can be effectively accepted

it is understood that the postal savings bank home customer service is a service quickly launched by combining intelligent customer service. Establish a special business knowledge base through internal segmentation of customer service scenarios, and strengthen customer information risk management in combination with management mechanisms such as background recording, quality inspection and operation monitoring. It changes the traditional bank customer service from centralized on-site work to the combination of centralized office and home office. Home agents only need to have a computer and a remote connection through the Internet to accept customer inquiries. When a customer calls the postal savings bank customer service 95580, the system will assign the customer's call to the home agent. After receiving the call, the agent can carry out remote customer service by relying on the intelligent customer service knowledge base. The system operation is simple and convenient, realizing the innovation of 100mm/min required in the business model ISO 8295 (GB 10006 equivalent to ISO 8295)

according to the relevant person in charge of the postal savings bank, during the epidemic period, it is expected that 30% of the manual incoming calls in the remote banking center of the postal savings bank will be accepted by the home seats, which will effectively reduce the wiring pressure of on-site personnel in special periods, alleviate the centralized office situation of personnel, and provide customers with more efficient financial consulting services

many insiders believe that the banking industry will accelerate the transformation of business form and service mode in 2020, which is fundamentally due to the irreversible substitution trend of technology for labor and online for offline in the dimension of the whole society and the operation of all industries. Especially with the further maturity of 5g technology, the concept of remote collaborative office with the help of advanced communication means will be deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the main customer group of offline services will quickly get rid of the dependence on manual services. At that time, the service level of banks will be more linked to the level of science and technology. Banks that effectively improve their remote and intelligent business capabilities are bound to take the lead in the development of post epidemic era

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