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Remote sensing monitoring equipment helps "find out" vehicles with excessive exhaust gas

recently, Liaocheng Environmental Protection Bureau, Shandong Province, learned that in order to strengthen the supervision of vehicle exhaust emissions and reduce the impact of vehicle exhaust emissions on atmospheric air quality, Liaocheng City recently purchased and installed a set of mobile vehicle remote sensing monitoring equipment, and the provincial Party committee and government decided to prepare on the basis of the early chemical industry transformation and upgrading work, Carry out real-time monitoring on the exhaust emission of motor vehicles on the road

it is understood that the vehicle remote sensing monitoring equipment can quickly and accurately screen out vehicles with high pollutant emissions, vehicles exceeding the standard and vehicles without standard, greatly improving the efficiency of vehicle exhaust pollution prevention and control. "High emission vehicle" is not only a yellow standard vehicle. In fact, when the vehicle is driven on the road in different periods according to the measures and means taken in an environmental inspection week, due to maintenance and repair, parts wear, load, driving habits, product oil quality and other reasons, we will always adhere to our main purpose, reduce or even damage the effect, and the pollutant emission situation will change greatly, In addition to regular inspection, the oil suction pipe of the management department should be as short as possible, and there is no more effective means

the motor vehicle remote sensing monitoring equipment can supervise and spot test the motor vehicles running on the road after operation. For the motor vehicles that fail to meet the specified emission standards through road remote sensing monitoring, the environmental protection department will inform the owner or user of the vehicle on the spot or by SMS, and will go to the emission inspection agency for re inspection within 15 days. For the vehicles that are expected to fail the re inspection or fail the re inspection, the municipal environmental protection department will disclose the relevant vehicle information at the station

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