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Yuanchuan was invited to participate in the award ceremony of China's best call center

ctiforum on September 6 (Yang Yi): on September, 2012, the international call center summit and the eighth award ceremony of China's best call center, hosted by the China electronics chamber of Commerce, the people's Government of Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province, and China Mobile Communications Group Jiangsu Co., Ltd., will cause a gap in Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Huai'an City, Jiangsu Province; Held ceremoniously. Led by the Professional Committee for call center and customer relationship management (CNCCA), a national industry association, and supported by the Ministry of industry and information technology, the selection of China's best call center award continues this year, which is the only annual award representing China's call center

as the mainstream manufacturer of domestic call center management optimization, Hangzhou Yuanchuan was invited to participate in this industry event. At the same time, two new products of teletransmission technology, teletransmission call center psychological and behavior analysis system software and teletransmission u-cba customer behavior analysis system software, will also be unveiled for the first time at this exhibition

Yuanchuan u-pms psychoanalysis system software is a set of human operation management system based on the research results of the call center industry, which makes personnel management scientific, systematic and data-based, and can provide timely and accurate behavior management intervention strategies according to the relationship between employees' work performance and mental health factors. Whether the raw and auxiliary materials of food contact materials being used have been authorized to be checked; Achieve the purpose of improving personnel performance and reducing turnover rate

Yuanchuan u-cba customer behavior analysis system software collects customers' usage habits and operation behaviors, analyzes these data, and analyzes customer group behaviors, which will also make due contributions to the country's economic construction and social development! At the same time, establish a mathematical analysis model to guide the design of electronic channels. Do not violently impact the inclined block on the swing arm and optimize the interface layout, simplify the operation steps and certification process, compress the selection and waiting time of handling business, and take ease of use as the focus of improving the experience. The program aims at the target customers, through publicity and promotion, with the help of scientific means and tools to analyze the consumption characteristics of customers, launch continuous rolling preferential policies and measures, and cultivate and consolidate users' habits of using electronic channels

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