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Reminder: plastic food packaging bags should be used carefully

people live at home. People almost go to the vegetable market to buy vegetables every day. Whether it's a handful of vegetables, a fish, or steaming steamed bread, everyone has been used to packaging with plastic bags. But just when you feel light and convenient, do you know that these plastic bags are not safe

recently, the Municipal Health Supervision Department learned that the blind use of plastic bags to package food is harmful to health

at present, some plastic bags used in the market in our city are "three noes" products, many of which are made of recycled plastics. Direct contact with food will endanger human health. It is understood that plastic packaging bags are divided into food packaging bags and non food packaging bags. Most non food packaging bags are made of recycled waste plastic bags and dyes. The inner modulus of elasticity e is an important mechanical property index that is often used. Limited by the flow of oil source, the surface contains lead, arsenic and other harmful substances. If used to package food, it will cause harm to human body. Low price is the main reason why non food packaging bags sell well in the market. Therefore, while many people call on people to refuse to use plastic bags, saying that plastic bags are the worst invention of the 20th century, plastic bags are still "popular" in the market because of their cheapness and convenience, including hydraulic distribution systems

law enforcement officials pointed out that according to national regulations, manufacturers producing plastic bags for food must be strictly examined before they can obtain hygiene licenses and industrial and commercial business licenses. When leaving the factory, the outer package of plastic bags for food must be marked in Chinese, indicating the name of the factory, address and executive standards, and marked with the words "for food" in the obvious place. After leaving the factory, the products should be attached with the product inspection certificate. Plastic bags that cannot be used for packaging food must be marked with "non food packaging bags" in a conspicuous place. All food production and business units that use plastic bags must obtain copies of the production hygiene license and inspection certificate from the plastic to glass bag manufacturer for inspection. Relevant information shows that nearly 80% of the plastic bags used in the market do not meet the national standards

during interviews in some markets, it was found that some dealers mixed all kinds of plastic packaging bags together, and some food merchants did not know which plastic bags were used to contain food at all

according to law enforcement officials, the following points should be paid attention to in distinguishing plastic packaging bags for food and non food: 1. The color of plastic packaging bags for food should be white. The blue, red and black plastic bags circulating in the market cannot be used for packaging directly imported food, because most of these plastic bags are made of waste plastic. Plastic bags with peculiar smell cannot be used for food packaging. 2. Plastic bags for food have a smooth touch and a crisp sound when shaking with hands. 3. Plastic bags for food are flammable in case of open fire and can continue to burn after leaving the fire

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