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Release the 2017 tire evaluation system tuhu car raising and boosting industry standard establishment

release the 2017 tire evaluation system tuhu car raising and boosting industry standard establishment

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since 2016, there has been such a report in China's automotive aftermarket field, which is "objective and accurate". In order to ensure the authenticity and effectiveness of the data, it refers to international industry regulations and is crafted in strict accordance with China's road conditions; In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, it was jointly implemented by five authoritative institutions in the professional tire testing ground in Anhui, China

on July 31, 2017, "China tire size evaluation system and 2017 summer tire test report of tuhu car breeding" was officially released. The re release of this report will undoubtedly promote the establishment of relevant regulations on tire performance in China's post market

establishing standards, meeting demand and transparent consumption are the development direction of China's automotive aftermarket, which has long lacked an objective and neutral tire performance evaluation system. In recent years, tuhu has been working hard to create an objective and transparent tire consumption environment

some insiders believe that notarized tire testing according to neutral standards will certainly become an important basis to help Chinese car owners make purchase decisions, and will be of positive significance to promote the establishment of China's test standardization

readers interested in the report can pay attention to it by following the official account "tuhu research center" or reading the original text

objective data will become an important consumption guide

the report released this time takes SUV tires as the main sample, selects 10 brands according to the tire patterns with the best sales of the 225/65r17 tire models of tuhu yangche in 2016 and expert opinions, and makes a normative evaluation on the tires according to the European Union ECE labeling method tire performance regulations (rolling resistance, outside noise, field braking) and tire safety performance test (dry braking), Professional drivers were invited to make a subjective evaluation of the driving performance of the tires (dry wet handling, comfort/interior noise)

among them, Bridgestone won the first place in the rolling resistance test of urban SUV with the highest score of 9 points in the indoor and outdoor rolling resistance test, while carboplatin won the highest score in the rolling resistance test of all-round s "he Minghui said UV tires

in fact, this is not the first time that tuhu has released a tire test report

previously, it has successfully released the "China tire size 2016 tire test report", "2015 annual tire data report" and "2016 China tire retail big data report". At the beginning of this year, tuhu Research Center, the first enterprise led data research center in the domestic automotive aftermarket, was established. The center is committed to carrying out relevant research based on data research and based on the automotive aftermarket

it is reported that in Europe, relying on the mandatory tire labeling method, consumers can measure the performance of a tire through indicators such as resistance, wet grip and noise, so as to choose their favorite tire. However, in China, there is still no objective, neutral, mandatory and credible standard tire regulation, and the road traffic situation in China is more complex than that in Europe, so it is impossible to copy the European standard method to characterize Chinese tires

in this context, tuhu car breeding relies on its own industry advantages, through the subjective evaluation of tire rolling resistance, exterior sliding noise, dry/wet braking performance, dry/wet handling, comfort and interior noise, it periodically publishes data reports, fills in the market gap, and provides consumers with reference value, authentic and credible standards

the report on the stability of the industry status is widely recognized

in recent years, tuhu has adhered to the original intention of "genuine self-supporting", accelerated in-depth cooperation with world-renowned automobile brands in tire categories, and has successively established close cooperative relations with many top tire brands, including German horse brand, American GUPT tire, general tire, Dunlop tire, Wanli tire, etc

in addition, in order to ensure the authority of the tire test report, tuhu car also joined forces with the domestic leading professional media platform car and wheel for the automotive aftermarket, the German technology testing with a number of domestic and foreign certification qualifications, the world's famous automobile professional media, China's leading portal e-Car and other institutions

through a number of tire reports, it is not difficult to find that tuhu has grown into the country's leading automobile maintenance platform because of its deep cultivation in the tire field for many years, which is related to the innovative development of interest. Its leading tire test is the distribution of full performance and full test data in the tire field in China, and has been widely recognized by the market as an industry benchmark

it is a beneficial attempt for tuhu car to write the feeling of tire use into the report from the perspective of users. While providing reference for consumers in the automotive aftermarket, it also feeds back market information to tire manufacturers, which helps them optimize their production lines and provide better and higher quality products to users

some insiders believe that the establishment of tuhu research center and a series of evaluation reports not only promote the exchange and discussion in the industry, but also provide a lot of data for the development and research of the automotive aftermarket industry. This action establishes the integrity rules and standards of the business industry that electronic feeding is not allowed to exceed the rated capacity, and puts forward more standard requirements that exceed the expectations of customers based on the needs and characteristics of buyers, so as to provide consumers with a better shopping experience

"tuhu's cross-border cooperation with research institutions and media has actively explored ways to fill the gap in professional research on Automotive Aftermarket Technology and promote the formulation of international standards in the tire industry." Said the above person

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