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Reliance Industries may further raise the bid for the acquisition of LyondellBasell

the economic times of India media quoted unconfirmed news reports that reliance industries, the country's largest company by market value, is planning to extend its olive branch to increase the original bid to more than US $14.5 billion after the rejection of the acquisition of LyondellBasell

previously, Reliance Industries made a bid of US $12billion for LyondellBasell in November 2009, and showed LyondellBasell its attitude of raising the current purchase price in late December. Then, on January 8th, 2010, Wall Street reported that relevant sources revealed that reliance industries had raised its bid for lyondellbaselldindustries. Its valuation of the company increased to $13.5 billion from $12billion last year. In 2014, it consumed about 14billion express waybills, 2billion woven bags, 5.584 billion plastic bags and 2.1 billion envelopes

LyondellBasell said on January 16 that it would need to spend $450million in the liquidation with unsecured creditors instead of the $300million previously proposed. In this way, the acquisition bidding proposed by reliance is still low

at present, manojwarrier, a spokesman for reliance, did not comment on the news of raising the bid

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