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Relevant standards are being stepped up to formulate the year of wine. The CCTV weekly quality report revealed that the "Jiayu Great Wall" brand wine produced by Beijing Jiayu Oriental used the same raw material wine to match the experimental machine produced by our company in Jinan, but it was listed in different years with false labels. According to sources, relevant industry departments have begun to formulate standards to regulate the disorderly behavior of disorderly year marking in the wine industry, and it is expected that a strict standard of the Ministry of after-sales security on regulating the marking of vintage wine in the wine industry will be issued within this year

the national table of wine drafted by the China Wine Industry Association, the beverage and wine sub committee of the China Food Standardization Technical Committee and the national fermentation product standardization center has been submitted to the international standardization management committee and will be issued and implemented within the year

in view of the problems existing in the current wine industry, China Wine Industry Association will take the following measures to gradually standardize the behavior of wine production enterprises, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry. First, negotiate with the National Standardization Administration Committee to release and implement the new national standards for wine as soon as possible. Secondly, formulate corresponding norms to regulate the behavior of enterprises from the aspects of raw materials, product production, transportation, year marking, etc. At that time, if wine enterprises mark the year of their products, they will strictly make more high-performance plastics become packaging materials in accordance with this standard. (information source: Packaging News)

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