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Shanghai Ziqing carton factory

Shanghai Ziqing ink "> the carton production and distribution center specializes in the production and judgment of lithium battery technology, especially the 3-yuan battery technology, and the sale of various packaging supplies and carton distribution. After more than ten years of efforts, I believe that the recycling of low-density plastic film will become the mainstream small-scale production of waste plastics, and has developed to a certain production capacity. At present, it produces independently, with MCJ platform die-cutting molding machine, dx1200 box ordering machine, and BFY series thin knives Paper pressing machine, five layer corrugated board production line and other advanced equipment

has also gradually shifted from the original simplification to diversification, which can well meet the all-round needs of high, medium and low-grade cartons, logistics cartons, special cartons, bubble film, tape packaging products, pearl cotton, material film and other industries from food, cosmetics, drugs, daily chemical industry, light textile and other industries, and has been recognized by many large state-owned and foreign capital. At the same time, the market share has also increased steadily. In order to facilitate the life of citizens, we also provide corresponding services. We firmly believe that with strong technical strength, advanced work ideas, scientific management methods, strict testing means, perfect quality assurance system, supplemented by high-quality services and competitive prices, Shanghai Ziqing carton production and distribution will become your best partner. We provide you with cartons of various specifications, including large, medium and small models, which are divided by specifications and charged. Cartons are clean and sanitary. We will welcome you to choose suitable cartons with our warmest service. In addition, we also supply packing materials such as sealing tape and bubble film

Shanghai Ziqing ink "> the carton factory has always been in line with the core values of creating value for customers, constantly exploring and innovating, forging ahead, and striving to provide every customer with excellent quality products and perfect pre-sales and after-sales service. We are committed to the development of new products, the improvement of quality and perfect after-sales service, and unremittingly strive for better is our purpose. For the needs of domestic and foreign markets, we continue to develop all kinds of packaging with high quality and reasonable price Machinery is widely used in various industries. The products are deeply trusted and praised by users with excellent quality, preferential price and perfect after-sales service


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