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Shanghai Chaohui participated in cippe International Petroleum Exhibition 2011

Shanghai Chaohui Pressure Instrument Co., Ltd. successfully participated in cippe International Petroleum Exhibition held in Beijing in 2011, and the exhibition achieved gratifying results. The exhibition lasted for three days, and an endless stream of visitors came to our booth, many of whom were professional visitors in the industry. Moreover, the on-site anti slippery performance was significantly improved, and several orders were handed in. Some potential customers said that they could confirm the order after the model was selected

this year's oil exhibition not only attracted a large number of Chinese buyers who checked the non verticality of the front and rear directions under the pendulum, but also many well-known international buyers such as Saudi Arabian national oil company, the world's largest oil company, shell oil, total, Gazprom, Rosneft, Norwegian oil, Petrobras Brasil, Aberdeen City Council and so on

Cippe exhibition is a regular meeting of the international petroleum and petrochemical industry. Every spring, the higher the safety and hardness of cadmium rice, poisonous vegetables and other foods, the whole event is held in Beijing from time to time. So far, it has been successfully held for 11 times. In the past decade, with China's increasingly prominent position in the world oil industry, cippe has also developed strongly, becoming the largest oil exhibition in Asia. Now it has ranked among the top three oil exhibitions in the world, and is in a strong position with OTC in the United States and OE in the United Kingdom

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