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Shangpu Consulting: a sunrise industry of special cable industry

special cables are cables that can be used in specific occasions for specific purposes. Generally, special cables need to develop enterprise internal control standards. Special cable is a series of products with unique performance and special structure, which is equivalent to a large number of ordinary wires and cables. It has the characteristics of high technical content, strict use conditions, small batch and high added value

Shangpu consulting electronics industry analyst pointed out that with the introduction of the 12th Five Year Plan for the development of wire and cable industry, the development plan for shipbuilding, railway, aircraft, aerospace and communication fields has been very clear, and the variety and quantity of special cables need to be basically determined. With the continuous development of the above fields, the pattern of the cable industry will be reshuffled. A number of wire and cable enterprises with limited applications in the company in line with the new era will usher in rapid development opportunities, and as a "dark horse" of cables, special cables will also have great potential

China places special cables at the strategic height of becoming bigger and stronger. Policies and regulations such as the general technical requirements of five local standards for special cables, namely, silicone rubber insulated power cable, silicone rubber insulated control cable, power cable for frequency converter, computer and instrument cable, and wind power cable, have been issued, which provide special cable enterprises with laws to follow. The formulation of a new round of cable standards will change the shortcomings that there is no basis for the quality inspection of new cable products in China, and make the quality of cable products in China reach a new level. This is not only conducive to the orderly development of the industry, but also convenient for national supervision and management, but also provides a guide for consumers to buy. In the face of fierce market competition, how to get the first chance has become an urgent problem for domestic manufacturers to consider

according to the "Research Report on market analysis and development prospects of China's wire, cable, optical cable and electrical equipment manufacturing in", released by Shangpu consulting, special cables are specifically accepted by China's wire and cable market. This provides a way out for domestic cable enterprises engaged in low-end scuffle. This has injected new vitality into China's wire and cable industry. Special cables are bound to leave. Eastman, headquartered in Kingsport, began to provide help for him very early, and will open up its own market and become a sunrise industry in the cable industry. There are holes on the plate sample

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