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Be a pioneer in European and American heat pump standards and create the first brand in the heating industry -- Interview with the vice president of Guangdong AoXin heat pump air conditioning Co., Ltd.

[electromechanical news] Guangdong AoXin heat pump air conditioning Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "AoXin") is the first domestic high-end heat pump manufacturer with "the most complete heat pump product line and the most complete product series". It is a Chinese pioneer in European and American low-temperature heating heat pump standards, and its products are exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries. Huang Kaichen, deputy general manager of AoXin, was interviewed by comfort system to share the achievements of AoXin in product innovation

Huang Kaichen, deputy general manager of Guangdong AoXin heat pump air conditioning Co., Ltd.

Comfort System: the new low-temperature air source heat pump launched by AoXin in 2011 has been widely praised, so its performance and reliability are related to the property and life safety of the country and people. What new products will be brought to the 2012 ish exhibition? What is the innovation of this product

Huang Kaichen: the surface roughness products of the parts of the impact broaching machine brought by AoXin, a new Jinan experimental machine manufacturer, include low-temperature and strong heat air source heat pump floor heating unit, floor heating + domestic hot water + air conditioning refrigeration Trinity unit, and total heat recovery air conditioning hot water unit, which supports batch experiments Commercial air source heat pump hot water unit, etc

the innovation of these products is mainly reflected in four aspects: first, they can work efficiently and normally at an ambient temperature of -25 ℃; Second, it can maintain strong heating capacity in the harsh low-temperature environment. From the laboratory data and the application record data of the actual heating area, it can be seen that ausen unit has uniform shunt and defrosting technology, which can operate continuously for 80 minutes or more before entering the defrosting process. The defrosting process takes only minutes to completely defrost and clean, so that the heating performance of the unit will not decay; Third, the intelligent and accurate heat management control system (SMART) - heat pump heat management system manager, which is the first in China, is adopted to meet the users' use and minimize the energy efficiency, so that there is really no waste. Moreover, the system is set with intelligent adaptive curve operation. The unit can automatically adjust the indoor temperature according to the user's initial comfort level and the change of ambient temperature, so as to maintain the user's best comfort level. The thermal management system can provide real-time heat demand at different times to avoid secondary waste; Fourth, low carbon and energy saving. Ausen products use environmentally friendly refrigerant (R404A or R407C) without pollution. At -7 ℃, cop ≥ 2.6, 2 ℃ cop ≥ 3.2, 7 ℃ cop ≥ 4.0. According to the quarterly field data records of the first building heating in Tai'an, Shandong Province, the average COP of a supply quarter is ≥ 3.26

comfort system: in terms of floor heating, AoXin provides integrated and split floor heating products. How about the current market sales of such products

Huang Kaichen: AoXin's floor heating products were successfully developed and exported to Germany in 2005. In the process of cooperation, advanced heat pump heating technology from Germany was introduced; In 2007, it was widely exported to European countries; In 2009, it was paid attention to and widely used in the domestic floor heating market, with remarkable energy-saving benefits. At present, the response of AoXin floor heating products in northern China is better than expected, and they have been widely praised by users in Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin and other places; It has been unanimously affirmed by the channel merchants, and all regions have competed to be the first agents of AoXin's products

comfort system: South China is the advantageous area of heat pump. Ausen began to enter the Beijing market in 2008. What are the differences between Beijing market and Guangdong market? What adjustments has AoXin made for the differences? What is the current development of AoXin in the Beijing market

Huang Kaichen: the difference is mainly reflected in the ambient temperature and usage habits. There is heating demand in northern areas when the temperature is below 0 ℃ in winter; In the south, the temperature is above 0 degrees in winter, so the heating demand is small

for this reason, ausen launched low-temperature air source heat pump units, which fully ensured the stable and efficient operation of the products in the harsh low-temperature environment in the north, increased marketing and promotion efforts, and established national sales channels in North China, central China and East China; Expand professional channels to ensure the provision of professional and good services to users; Focus on the implementation of model projects in various regions, send professionals to guide the model projects on site, improve user satisfaction and company image, and promote the application of aushin units from point to area; And according to the domestic situation, with reference to European and American en14511 standards for improvement

at present, ausen is progressing smoothly in the Beijing market. It has cooperated with a number of professional heating companies, especially with the alliance of Beijing Stone Intelligent Building Engineering Company, and has set up a number of model projects in Beijing, Shijiazhuang, Tianjin, Shanxi -- Beijing national, calcium carbide Villa Club, Tianjin Wanda Plaza, etc

comfort system: in recent years, many solar energy and home appliance enterprises have also launched air energy water heaters. What do you think of this phenomenon? In order to cope with the fierce competition, what does aushin do in terms of product and technology specialization and brand improvement

Huang Kaichen: first of all, the application fields of heat pumps are very wide, and different fields need products with different characteristics. Solar energy enterprises mainly focus on domestic hot water. The units at this level are relatively simple, because it is a process of heat that is responsible for reviewing the overall deployment and accumulation of important plans to promote the development of the new material industry. A box of water can not be heated in 10 hours, but can be heated in 14 or more hours. However, heating products are different. It is a process of heat balance at all times. The lower the temperature, the more heat is needed. This is a technical problem that ordinary heat pump enterprises cannot or are not so easy to solve. So competition is not a plane thing in essence

in order to cope with the fierce market competition, AoXin has put forward countermeasures: in terms of products, AoXin has successively launched more products that meet the needs of the low-temperature market, and further enriched its product line to meet different market needs. Increase investment in technology research and development, strengthen cooperation with some well-known heat pump enterprises in Germany and other European countries, and work together to develop the domestic floor heating market. At present, the new low-temperature heating dedicated heat pump compressor developed by AoXin and Emerson of the United States (the "GuLun" heat pump compression manufacturer) is being systematically tested in AoXin factory. Danish Grundfos group (the top manufacturer of water pumps) has identified AoXin as a strategic partner and the only heat pump enterprise in China. This also reflects our leading position in the field of low-temperature heat pumps, especially in heating

in terms of brand, AoXin is positioned as the first brand of floor heating heat pump in China. It is committed to the development of floor heating market by improving market share through superior products, advanced first-class core technology, systematic marketing and promotion, and cultivating professional channel service providers

comfort system: we learned that ausen participated in the preparation of the "test method for thermal performance of radiant cooling and heating devices". What industry problems is this standard mainly aimed at

Huang Kaichen: this standard is mainly aimed at the radiant cooling and heating industry to make buildings more energy-efficient! AoXin hopes to bring the experience and technical crystallization of "many years of cooperation between AoXin and some well-known enterprises in Europe and America" to China and the industry, hoping to play a small role in the development of the industry

comfort system: at present, there are many products integrating refrigeration, heating, heating and other functions in the market. How do you view the development trend of this integration? Is integration also one of the future development trends of AoXin

Huang Kaichen: at present, there are products integrating refrigeration, domestic hot water and heating in the market, but most of them have not solved the problem of operating in harsh low-temperature environment, and some have not achieved the effect of energy saving. Some simply use heating water for heating, lacking efficient and accurate intelligent thermal management and control system, which leads to a waste of energy and fails to achieve the purpose of energy conservation; Some units operate in two systems without saving energy. Some products are extremely unstable and have a high failure rate after they are launched into the market. Our products have been developed for many years and successfully applied in domestic and foreign markets. At present, we have the core technology of heat pump heating. Our products have been sold well in developed countries in Europe and the United States. From the product performance, the energy-saving effect is obvious, and the operation has been stable and reliable, which is a strong core competitiveness

the all-in-one machine is only a combination of the functions of ausen in meeting the needs of different customers. Ausen will create more high-end products in the floor heating market, become stronger and bigger, and continue to improve and innovate products, providing customers with products with more complete functions, more obvious energy-saving effect, safer and more comfortable use, and creating the first brand in the heating industry

comfort system: Thank you very much manager Huang for accepting our interview, thank you

(source: comfort system correspondent: Deng feifeng: Li Yongxiu)

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