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Specific provisions and technical measures to ensure safety

(1) strictly implement relevant safety production regulations, especially in the construction area, we must strictly abide by the six disciplines of safety production and strictly implement the rules of safety production

(2) the safety posts of construction project managers, constructors, safety officers, team leaders and operators shall be put on the wall and regular system assessment shall be implemented

(3) carefully carry out safety production education. All personnel participating in construction and production should be educated about production safety and fire safety, and three-level education cards should be established. They should not work without education. At the same time, targeted safety knowledge and compliance education should be carried out in combination with the project progress and different construction processes

(4) no construction is allowed without a construction scheme, no construction is allowed without a scheme disclosure, and no construction is allowed without a safety disclosure before the shift. The construction team shall carefully make safety disclosure and activity records. Organize at least 1 hour of safety education activities every week

(5) strictly abide by the "ten no burning" regulations, and implement the supervision system of "two certificates and one device" (operation certificate, hot work certificate, fire extinguisher, supervisor) and the approval procedures of hot work limit limited to product structure level

(6) strictly implement the provisions of protective measures for four openings and five edges on site

(7) sufficient lighting must be provided for night construction. Low voltage lighting is used in the basement and stairs to ensure the power safety at the pedestrian passage

(8) the wires of electric machines and tools on site shall not be dragged or pulled randomly. During the transportation and stacking of materials, attention must be paid to protect the wires and prevent them from being smashed, resulting in the fragmentation and peeling of the cable sheath. Once the cable core leakage or the wire sheath damage is found, it should be handled by an electrician in time

(9) the wires of electric machines and tools on site shall not be dragged or pulled randomly. When transporting and stacking materials, we must pay attention to protect the wires and prevent them from being smashed, which will cause the wire sheath to break and peel off. Once we find that there is wire core leakage or wire sheath damage, we should ask an electrician to deal with it in time

(6) super working reliability, durability and adaptability to work at low temperature

(10) electromechanical equipment used for on-site construction shall strictly implement the three-level power distribution and two-level protective device system

(11) electric machinery and tools shall be wired in strict accordance with the system of one machine and one switch, and the distribution line adopts three-phase five wire cable. The distribution box and switch box must comply with the requirements of the technical regulations on safety of temporary electricity on construction site, with obvious signs for fire and rain prevention, and the setting of fire and lighting

(12) all mechanical operators must have operation certificates, otherwise they are not allowed to work

(13) scaffolds used in operation shall be fully paved with scaffolds, handrails, and toe boards within the construction range and height, and the foundation of upright rods shall be solid

(14) construction personnel shall not convey small pieces of materials by throwing and transporting, so as to prevent high-altitude falling accidents

(15) the on-site construction personnel may wear safety helmets of different colors according to different work units and positions

(16) when using cutting machine and portable cutting machine, pay attention to the damage degree of the blade at any time to avoid flying out of the blade fragments to hurt people. Construction machines and tools shall be equipped with reliable protective devices, and hand-held electric tools shall be operated with insulating protective equipment

(17) hoisting machinery and equipment should be comprehensively checked before use to ensure that they are in good condition. If hidden dangers are found, they should be handled in time, otherwise they are not allowed to be used, and regular maintenance should be carried out according to the equipment instructions

safety inspection organization chart

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