Specification and size of the most popular handbag

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Common handbag specifications and sizes

the common types of handbags are large 2-opening handbags, positive 2-opening handbags, large 3-opening handbags, and positive 3-opening handbags

large 2-opening handbag: 330mm although the General Election Bill of the executive seat was not passed in the Legislative Council (width) * 450mm (height) * 90mm (side)

front 2-opening handbag: 280mm (width) * 420mm (height) * 80mm (side)

large 3-opening handbag: 250mm (width) * 350mm (height) * 80mm (side)

front 3-opening handbag: 240mm (width) * 290mm (height) * 80mm (side)

is declared within ± 1% of the set value:

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