Specification for quality control of chemical anal

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Specification for quality control of chemical analysis of metal materials

1 purpose

this standard specifies the specification for quality control of chemical analysis of metal materials, through the wet analysis of metal materials and parts of products and the quality control of the whole process of instrumental analysis, to ensure the reliability of analysis data, so as to ensure the quality of products

2 scope

this standard is applicable to the chemical wet analysis and chemical instrument analysis of ferrous and non-ferrous materials and product parts

3 term

rounding off of values: see gb8170

analysis error: it is divided into absolute error and relative error

analytical Purity: the purity level of drugs. Br standard sample: standard materials prepared by national authorized institutions

4 working methods unit activities human resources department/

4.1 personnel require the physical and chemical measurement center

4.1.1 personnel engaged in chemical analysis and analysis of chemical instruments with bent core fixed on the bent core base should have a high school degree or above, have achromatic blindness, and must pass professional technical training and examination. Only after obtaining the qualification certificate issued by the relevant department can they work and issue the test report

4.1.2 the technical training of the professional personnel shall be arranged by the physical and chemical measurement center in conjunction with the human resources department. The chemical analysis instruments and equipment used by the physical and chemical measurement center

4.2.1 must meet the requirements of periodic verification and obtain the certificate of conformity issued by the relevant main quantity department before they can be put into production analysis tasks. Environment of the equipment: temperature, humidity, etc. shall meet the requirements specified in the instrument manual. The capacity instruments used for instrument analysis and calibration of standard solution must have the certificate of conformity from the relevant measurement department and meet the requirements of periodic verification. Use distilled water and analytical pure chemicals that meet the grade

4.2.2 the maintenance of equipment and instruments should be carried out regularly by professional technicians according to the requirements of the instructions

4. However, models below 10kN are the most frequently used in plastics. 2.3 in the process of use, if there is a fault in the instrument and equipment, it should be reported to the professional team immediately. With the consent of the leader of the general fault management measurement center, it should be eliminated by itself. Major faults should be reported to the equipment management department in time and repaired by professional repairmen

4.2.4 the operator must make a record of the operation of equipment and instruments every day. Physical and chemical measurement center

4.3 environment

4.3.1 the working environment for chemical wet analysis and instrumental analysis should be kept clean and well ventilated

4.3.2 the relative humidity of the direct reading spectral analysis room is 25% to 75%, and the temperature is ° C. when it exceeds the temperature, the air dehumidifier or air conditioner should be started

4.3.3 idle personnel are not allowed to enter the analysis room at will. Personnel who come to the analysis room to visit and study must be approved by the leader in charge before entering

4.3.4 strictly follow the instrument instructions and other environmental requirements on the test method. Physical and chemical measurement center

4.4 materials

4.4.1 according to the instructions and test analysis methods, appropriate standard samples for wet analysis and spectral analysis are equipped

4.4.2 high purity argon used in direct reading spectral analysis must be strictly required, and Westerners do not believe it. The purity must be 99.999%

4.4.3 comply with other requirements specified in the test method. Physical and chemical measurement center/

4.5 sample request and management sample sending unit

4.5.1 the entrusting unit must take samples in strict accordance with the incoming raw material acceptance standards and process regulations, and the sampling is the responsibility of the inspectors

4.5.2 the inspectors shall carefully fill in the sample name, entrusting unit, entrusting number, material brand, material status, analysis items and qualified scope, as well as the signature and seal of the inspector and the date of sample delivery according to the requirements of the physical and chemical test sample delivery sheet. The samples shall be clean, free of oil stains, burrs and clear marks

4.5.3 the sample receiving and sending personnel in the physical and chemical room shall check the samples and entrusted contents according to the sample delivery contents, and register them if they meet the requirements, otherwise they have the right to reject them

4.5.4 chemical analysts shall register and number according to the entrusted test items, and indicate the entrusting unit, material name, brand, entrusted number, analysis items, etc. on the sample bag

4.5.5 chemical analysis sampling shall be prepared by special personnel according to the relevant provisions of national standards, industrial standards and enterprise standards, and shall be responsible for the quality of samples

4.5.6 the storage of chemical analysis samples shall be managed by the team. Qualified samples shall be kept for one year, and unqualified samples and samples with special requirements shall be implemented in accordance with relevant regulations. Physical and chemical measurement center

4.6 test methods and operating procedures

4.6.1 test methods and procedures shall be prepared by engineering and technical personnel, reviewed by the management measurement center and approved by the chief engineer before implementation

4.6.2 strictly abide by the operating procedures of chemical analysis and the operating procedures of instruments and equipment, respect the test data, and carefully make the original records on the original analysis records When direct reading spectral analysis is used for standard sample analysis, if the error of the result is not within the allowable range of analysis, the instrument should be corrected

4.6.3 calculate according to the method specified in the operating procedures, report the test results according to the rules for rounding off numerical values (gb8170), and register the test results on the summary sheet of chemical analysis results after being checked by the person in charge of the discipline

4.6.4 the test personnel shall fill in the chemical analysis report of metal materials in duplicate. The test report can be issued only after being reviewed at three levels and stamped with the special seal for physical and chemical testing

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