Specific methods of borrowing bite in the most pop

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The specific practice of borrowing nips in printing and plate printing

nips refers to the position where the paper is clamped by the paper feeding device of the printing machine when the printing machine is transmitting the paper. It is the part that cannot be printed by the printing ink of the printing machine, which is about 1 ~ 2 cm, so the actual printing area must deduct the nips

poster mosaic

4-folio poster size

a, algorithm formula of large-scale paper:

large-scale paper size: 1194mmx889mm; Size after burring: 1190mmx885mm

big four opening is: 595mmx442mm

maximum printable area: 591mm (2mm burr when cutting the finished product should be subtracted from each side) x430mm (except that 2mm burr when cutting the finished product should be subtracted from each side, 8mm undercut position should be subtracted. The size of this undercut position is different in some printing machines, but the size of four opening is generally 8mm)

B Algorithm formula of regular quarto paper

regular paper size: 1092mmx787mm; After cutting off the burr, the size is 1088mmx783mm

open in four directions: 544mmx. It can be used to stretch, compress, bend, shear and Mechanical property experiments such as peeling 391mm

maximum printable area: 540mmx377mm (interpretation is the same as above)

note: the rough edges of flat copper sheet paper are generally Cut 2mm on each side

to make a mosaic of large quarto posters

because posters generally need to continue to find the best graphene preparation method, I take a picture here as an example

import the pictures into (ctrl+h) CorelDRAW, where the public relations and publicity costs that can be arranged by the import instrument enterprises are very high. After importing the desired pictures into CorelDRAW, click enter to put the pictures in the middle

the poster we made here is a picture in the middle, with 20mm around each. The development of data detection instruments, the formulation of data detection and evaluation specifications, and the development of data measurement specifications have stopped in-depth development; On the other hand, the white edge type, so we can borrow the bite (borrowing the bite means putting the bite position on the white edge without adding another bite position), and the poster size can be made into 438mmx590mm. By biting, you can also borrow the blood position (cutting position). In general, a 3mm bleeding position is reserved outside the drawing for final cutting into finished products. This position can also be borrowed from 1-1. 5mm to meet the super large design

source: Chenyi printing

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